Introducing Highrise Digital

As you might have seen already, 2016 has brought some significant changes to my work life. After six and a half years of being a WordPress freelancer, I’m excited to announce the start of a new business and partnership – Highrise Digital. I’ve loved freelancing. I’ve loved the freedom that it brings, both in terms […]

Google penalises sites that aren’t “mobile-friendly”

As of today (21st April 2015) Google will be actively penalising websites that aren’t what they call “mobile-friendly”. Back in November 2014 Google announced that it was adding a “mobile-friendly” label to mobile web searches. This was to ensure that mobile users could choose to view content that was suitable for small screens using a touch […]

How (and why) to use on your WordPress website

Search engines have a big problem. There is so much data out there and it’s hard to work out what is what. Humans are great at inferring the context of web content, but this is much more difficult for Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.. That’s why the biggest search engines have come together to create a […]

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How to test your WordPress website performance

Website speed matters. Nobody likes browsing a slow website. If your site is slow, your visitors are more likely to leave and go to a competitor’s website. It’s not just your users who like speedy websites, Google does too. Today I recorded a video showing you two ways to test your website performance. Both methods […]

Why I need a project manager

There comes a time in a small business’ growth that the owner’s management tasks take over the technical ones. When I started out about 80% of my time was spent building websites. As my business has grown I’ve had to deal with more support, administration, marketing, and project management. This has left less time for […]

Add links to WordPress custom excerpts

By default custom excerpts don’t have a ‘read more’ link of any kind. I wanted my custom excerpts to look the same as my dynamically generated ones. It’s a simple code change:

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SEO for WordPress

Do you want more traffic to your WordPress website? Are you new to SEO for WordPress ? Then start here. You have a beautiful website, with great content, but where are all the visitors? A website is next to useless unless people can find it. How do they do that? Using search engines. SEO, or […]

Conversion optimisation: 11 tips to encourage user action

You’ve built your website, you’re managing to drive traffic to it through good SEO, but is it providing a good return on investment? It’s important to think about the purpose of your website. What is the main business goal that you’re trying to achieve? The most common answer is to generate leads, to drive more […]

Allowing null search with Relevanssi

I love the Relevanssi plugin for WordPress. It’s an easy way to power up the, frankly lame, native WordPress search. By default the plugin will return no search results if no search term is given. Makes sense. But what if you are searching by other criteria too, and want to allow the search term input […]

Using variables with WordPress translation functions

Today I wanted to be able to pass a custom field variable to the WordPress localization (l10n) functions. The custom field is a select field, so all the possible outputs are known. WordPress uses PO and MO files for translations. These are generated by scanning the site for __() and _e() functions, with a programme […]

Setting up domains on WP Engine

Add domains to install Log in to Click on the install name Click on ‘Domains’ Click ‘Add domain’ Add the non-www version of the domain Click ‘Add domain’ Add the www version of the domain Change DNS at registrar Log in to Click on the install name Note the IP Address and CNAME […]

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Full screen background images

I’m putting this here for my own sanity. If I had £1 for every time I’ve tried to solve this issue! The goal here is to have a background image that covers the whole of the browser window. Ideally we want it to scale, stay centred, and keep it’s correct proportions. My go-to article on […]

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