Website Budget Calculator

This morning I built the Website Budget Calculator. This tool is meant to be used as a way for potential clients to work out how much they should invest in their website – based on the value based pricing approach. I’m interested in, but sceptical of, value based pricing. I’ve listened to talks and podcasts, read […]

First Contact – How to pitch to developers

This post is based on a talk I gave at the “Finding a developer” event, by Enterprise Nation on 13th March 2014. First contact – How to pitch to developers from keithdevon The current state of play There are a lot of great developers out there looking for work, and a lot of great clients […]


WordPress as an app engine I recently read “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” and loved it. Part of the book suggests 10 daily rituals, which, if practiced for 21 consecutive days will become habits. I built so that I could track my progress at integrating these rituals into my daily routine. Initially, I built this for […]

Why I’ve set a minimum budget

Today I added a line to my contact page stating that my minimum budget for a new project was £2,000. I wanted to explain why I’ve done this. I’m in the privileged position of getting lots of enquiries for new work. Some days I get up to five enquiry emails. I’m so grateful for this. […]

IE Compatibility view issues

I’ve run into issues a few times recently with Internet Explorer’s ‘Compatibility view’. Some of my standards compliant web pages were being broken by having this view enabled. I found a solution via this stackoverflow page. If you add the following to your <head> it will force IE to disable compatibility view: <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” […]

Freelance contract survey

Contracts are a hotly debated part of the freelance workflow. Many people don’t use them at all. Others will swear by them, and never start a project without one. Where do you stand? [yop_poll id=”2″] Do you use another method? Add your thoughts in the comments.

10 tips from 4 years of freelancing (Part 1)

On 8th April I gave a talk at the Untangle the Web meetup at Google Campus in London. As a freelancer there is a lot of advice out there, especially in the web industry. You’ll probably have heard some of these tips before, some might be new. They’re not necessarily the best, or most important, […]

Passing variables to get_template_part() in WordPress

This morning I needed to pass a variable to a file that I was including using the WordPress get_template_part function. I was fiddling around with global variables when I thought there must be a better way. There is. Locate and include You can use the WordPress locate_template function within PHP’s include(). It’s done like this: include(locate_template(‘your-template-name.php’)); […]

Junior Front-end / WordPress role

Do you love building clean, modern websites using WordPress? Are you looking for a chance to build your portfolio and learn new skills? Then read on my friend! The candidate I’m looking for a freelance Junior Front End/ WordPress developer. The ideal candidate will have the following: Required Good HTML and CSS skills. Including HTML5 and […]

WordPress $is_iphone global

OK, why did nobody tell me about this, and why is it not documented! I just found out today that WordPress does some browser detection of its own. I’ve previously relied on other code libraries for this, but maybe now I can use the ‘WordPress Way’. Detecting mobile in WordPress using $is_iphone In wp-includes/vars.php there […]

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The PHP ternary operator

In my quest to master PHP, I’m going to start investigating some of the bits I’m unfamiliar with, and blogging about them. This morning, I was reading through the excellent “Professional WordPress Plugin Development” by Brad Williams, Ozh Richards and Justin Tadlock (I’ve made a resolution to read a bit every couple of days). In […]


The Tools of the (WordPress Freelance Development) Trade

I’ve been freelancing for a while now. I’ve also been developing WordPress sites for a while. In that time I’ve used many different tools. Some have been great, and some less great. Here I share a list of the tools that I’m currently using: Accounting I use the excellent FreeAgent* to keep track of my […]

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