I’m a WordPress developer and web designer based in Kent, UK.

I started freelancing in 2009 and in 2016 I started a WordPress development company called Highrise Digital.

My goal is to do great work, for great people and organisations.

All of my websites are built using the incredible WordPress software. For me, it’s the best web platform out there, both for developing and for the client. I can build custom themes, adapt existing themes and build plugins and widgets.

Personal life

I’m a keen cyclist, although I have much less time for that since the birth of my beautiful baby girl.

I’m into self-improvement and finding a happy and balanced life.

I love to travel and experience new cultures, and especially new food.

I’ve recently switched to become mostly vegan, with the occasional ‘treat’ now and then.

I live in the seaside town of Folkestone, in Kent, with my wife and my daughter.