Shaun West website now online

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the new Shaun West website.

Shaun contacted me in mid September about designing a new website. He already had a site but wanted a more professional look. He also wanted the site to be managed using WordPress. I set out a proposal and project timetable and we got to work.

The first task was to identify the style that Shaun wanted. His previous site looked good but he wanted to get away from a ‘corporate’ look. Using wireframes and mock-ups I designed and refined the look of the site with Shaun’s feedback. We settled on a style that we both feel strikes the right balance between professional and personal.

Next, I developed a custom WordPress theme so that Shaun could easily manage his site. I broke down the content into ‘Services’, ‘Testimonials’, ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’. This gives Shaun an easy way to add and edit his content.

I’ve really enjoyed working on Shaun’s website. I’m looking forward to working together in the future, there is already another project in the pipeline!

View Shaun’s new site.

View what Shaun says about working with Keith Devon Web Development.