WordPress as an app engine

I recently read “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari” and loved it. Part of the book suggests 10 daily rituals, which, if practiced for 21 consecutive days will become habits. I built so that I could track my progress at integrating these rituals into my daily routine.

Initially, I built this for personal use only. I used a JSON file as my ‘database’, and I didn’t need any authentication. However, my dad shared the book with me and my siblings, and I wanted to let them use it too. I needed a better way to store my data, and, more importantly, I needed authentication. WordPress to the rescue!

WordPress might seem like overkill for this project, but within hours I had built and launched a public app. I couldn’t have managed this without leveraging something like WordPress.

It’s a very simple app, but I think that it shows the power of WordPress not just as a blogging tool, or CMS, but as an app engine.

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  2. Esme Dobson Avatar

    Hello Keith. Just got an email from Tony Scott which led me to your 10 rituals site … sounds like an interesting book … don’t understand what some of the 10 ‘activities’ are, perhaps you can elaborate when we’re down the pub after tomorrow’s WordPress meetup! I think the one that I have too much of though is Solitude and I also do a little bit too much Personal Reflection …! Am wondering whether web design is really the right job for me after all! Looking forward to tomorrow evening anyway … Best wishes Esmé

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