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The Custom Image Size Problem

I’m building a WordPress theme where I use custom thumbnail sizes. I use the filter

add_image_size( 'Gallery list', 350, 200, true );

That works fine until I edit the original image in WordPress. For example, I’ve rotated a few of the images. When I click on the thumbnail it takes me to the now corrected image, however the thumbnail itself is as it was.

Do I need to regenerate these thumbnails? Is there a way to do this automatically after editing the image?

Thanks for your help.


Web Design Brief

Every good web site starts with a detailed brief. A good brief will help to ensure the following:

  1. Limits scope creep
  2. Improves costing accuracy
  3. Clearly defines tasks
  4. Specifies delivery dates
  5. Provides context for the developers
  6. Sets expectations
  7. Improves communication*

* Website Owners Manual (Boag)

I have developed a brief questionnaire for you to download. Please take the time to answer each question as fully as possible.

Download the questionnaire