Freelance contract survey

Contracts are a hotly debated part of the freelance workflow. Many people don’t use them at all. Others will swear by them, and never start a project without one. Where do you stand?

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Do you use another method? Add your thoughts in the comments.

5 responses to “Freelance contract survey”

  1. Josh Avatar

    “contract killer” with some modifications, but it does work very well. I have had clients praise me for using such a straightforward contract.

  2. Marco Berrocal Avatar

    Used the contract killer, modified it a bit, had my lawyer revise it, and that’s that.

  3. Kunvay Avatar

    Keith – This is a VERY interesting survey – especially for us. As of today 43% of freelancers responding to this survey are sharing they don’t use contracts. We’d love to see you write a blog post that drills down on that.

    Is is that freelancers aren’t using contracts for certain types of jobs (e.g., small jobs) or is this just a standard part of their workflow for all jobs? We definitely hope you do a blog post that shares your thoughts on the results of the survey when you think you’ve collected enough responses.

    1. keithdevon Avatar

      Kunvay, I’m hoping to write a blog post on this issue soon. I tried to get a few of the people who don’t use contracts to get in touch, but no luck so far.

  4. Jehanzeb Anwer Avatar

    It depends on the nature of the job as well as your relationship with the client. I usually prefer a contract for fixed price jobs but not for hourly ones and my contracts more or less just define the basics of what will be delivered without going into a lot of detail. Working as a freelance wordpress developer, I understand that I’ll have to be flexible with my clients when it comes to revisions or addition of a couple of additional pages and therefore, I prefer not to go into the legalities and create and sign a contract.

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