Web Hosting

A web host is a company that stores website data and makes it available to the World Wide Web. Web hosts come in many shapes and sizes, from ISPs providing a single page to business servers hosting thousands of pages and applications. Choosing a web host involves balancing what is important to the success of your site and your budget.The main considerations when choosing a host are:

  1. Where are the servers located? Ideally, the servers will be located in the country that you operate in.
  2. Do they support the technology you need? Will your site require PHP5 or be a .asp application? Ask you web designer about this.
  3. How much storage do you need? If you require a huge database or lots of high res images you may need more storage.
  4. What is the bandwidth? If your site has high traffic it may become very slow without the appropriate bandwidth.
  5. Customer service. Hosting companies are notorious for their customer service skills. If you are having problems with your site you will need to get it sorted quickly. 24/7 phone support is desirable.
  6. Price. To an extent you get what you pay for. However, be carefull not to pay over the odds for features that you don’t need.

There are many hosting companies willing to grab your money. A little time spent researching the right options will save you money and stress. If you choose to work with me I will guide you through the process of choosing the right host.

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