WordPress Security

Since I listened to Kieran O’Shea’s talk at WordCampUK, I’ve been taking security much more seriously. Kieran had some pretty scary statistics regarding hacking. For example, 90% of all businesses have been hacking victims in the last 12 months, and, there is an average of 156 days before victims realise that hacking has taken place. […]

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Custom Post Types

Last night I gave a presentation at the WordPress London meetup. I talked about custom post types in WordPress, something that has really excited me since WordPress 3. I’ve included the video, a rough transcript of the presentation and the slides at the bottom. What we’ll cover What are custom post types When to use […]

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WordPress London meetup #5

The group continues to go from strength to strength with at least 30 members attending. This month’s meetup included a talk from BuddyPress developer Paul Gibbs. He talks us through the new release, the epic version 1.5. Paul’s blog post, with slides, can be found here: Then Jeff Ghazally shows us how easy it us […]

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Protected: ArtPress Alpha

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Beginner WordPress Theme Development

Last Thursday (28th July 2011) we held the third London WordPress meetup. The meetup is for WordPress users and professionals in London and aims to provide a networking and learning platform. I gave a talk on Beginner WordPress Theme Development, which introduced the basic structure of a theme and some key concepts. Here are the […]

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The Custom Image Size Problem

I’m building a WordPress theme where I use custom thumbnail sizes. I use the filter add_image_size( ‘Gallery list’, 350, 200, true ); That works fine until I edit the original image in WordPress. For example, I’ve rotated a few of the images. When I click on the thumbnail it takes me to the now corrected […]

Proper float clearing

I was browsing through Forrst recently and happened across the following advice on float clearing. An easy way to properly clear floats without extra markup. If you’re not using some sort of clearfix you probably should be. .clearself:before, .clearself:after { content: ” “; display: block; height: 0; overflow: hidden; } .clearself:after {clear: both;} .clearself {zoom: […]


20% off web design for artists

To celebrate the opening of this years Annual Exhibition application, I am offering 20% off web design services for artists. That means my daily rate is down from £175 to £140. This offer will last until the end of the summer and is first come first served. Sites can be built from £400 depending on […]

HTML Fractions

I wanted to use some pretty fractions in an article today. I don’t like the look of “1 1/2”, not very elegant. Of course, the answer lies within HTML special characters. There are a few ways to achieve the same thing: ¼ will give you ¼. You can change the ‘1’ and ‘4’ to any other number. […]

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Drop down menus, z-index and IE

One of Internet Explorer’s (IE) most commonly encountered bug is when using z-index. I experienced this recently when using the DDSlider plugin for WordPress along with a drop down navigation. Whilst doing some browser testing I noticed that the drop down menu hides behind the DDSlider. I tried to fix this using z-index. I applied […]

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Spinning Update progress on WordPress pages

Spinning Progress Wheel One of my clients recently informed me that a site that I had built had a problem; when some pages were published or updated, the progress wheel would spin until the browser eventually timed out. It had been a month or so since I had finished the site development and there had […]

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Web Design Brief

Every good web site starts with a detailed brief. A good brief will help to ensure the following: Limits scope creep Improves costing accuracy Clearly defines tasks Specifies delivery dates Provides context for the developers Sets expectations Improves communication* * Website Owners Manual (Boag) I have developed a brief questionnaire for you to download. Please […]